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Our Founder

Frank Bartolomeo, PhD

Dr. Frank Bartolomeo, founder of The Well Center for Development

Dr. Frank Bartolomeo is a prominent figure in the field of mental health, with a distinguished career spanning over three decades. Possessing a rare combination of talents, he has firmly established himself as an authority in psychotherapy, clinical program development, executive leadership, and academia.  The impact of his contributions from his various roles is far-reaching, as evidenced by his sought-after status as a presenter at both local and national conferences.

As a psychotherapist, esteemed by clients and colleagues alike, Dr. Bartolomeo has earned a reputation for consistently providing the highest standard of care. His genuine approach to building therapeutic relationships and his exceptional ability to simplify complex ideas into easily understood explanations, sets him apart.  In addition to being a seasoned psychotherapist, Dr. Bartolomeo has held various leadership positions at renowned behavioral health institutions, including McLean Hospital, the largest psychiatric teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School, and Silver Hill Hospital, affiliated with Yale University, among others.  He is recognized for developing highly effective clinical programs, tailored to individuals and groups, for use in residential and outpatient settings, as well as therapeutic schools.  Dr. Bartolomeo's interventions are credited for not only empowering participants to overcome obstacles but also for yielding enduring positive change. His training workshops receive equal acclaim. 

A perpetual learner, Dr. Bartolomeo remains a scholar at the forefront of the field, continuously incorporating the latest research and techniques into his practice.  He's authored numerous publications and held professorial appointments at Boston University and UCONN graduate programs. Additionally, he serves as a Consulting Editor for The Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry, and Group Psychotherapy.

Inspired by the remarkably transformative power of groupwork and driven by his passion to continuously push the boundaries of excellence in the field of mental health, Dr. Bartolomeo founded The Well Center for Development. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of theory and practice, and evidence-based interventions, The Well is a groundbreaking resource for emotional wellness and professional growth.

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