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Life-Changing Groups

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Who We Help

We offer a wide range of specialized groups for adolescents, adults, and emerging adults, emphasizing emotional wellness, personal growth, and recovery.  These groups are led by highly qualified topic experts and built on evidence-based therapies. Here are some of the topic areas for different participant groups:


Psychotherapy Groups:

These groups cover a broad range of topics for adults to explore their inner and outer lives and address personal difficulties such as depression, anxiety, or divorce. Participants in these groups gain valuable insights and strategies that promote greater self-awareness, personal growth, and well-being.

Dual Diagnosis Groups:

Developed for individuals with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders, these groups address the complex interplay between addiction, mental health, and trauma. Participants receive support and an integrated approach to manage both conditions effectively.

Psychoeducational Groups:

These groups are specifically designed to provide education and skills training.  Psychoeducation groups allow parents, for example, to gain a deeper understanding of child development and insights into specific behaviors or mental health concerns, empowering them with strategies on how to best care and advocate for their child.


Skills-Building DBT Groups:

These groups focus on developing essential life skills, including communication, emotional regulation, stress management, and decision-making. Adolescents learn practical tools to navigate the challenges of adolescence and build resilience.

Teen Support Groups:

These groups create a therapeutic space to connect with peers facing the typical challenges of adolescence, such as relationships with parents and friends, the impact of social media, and the transition from high school. By discovering commonalities, participants feel less isolated, find emotional support, and learn more effective problem-solving skills.


Early Recovery Groups:

Designed for executives and professionals working towards sustained recovery from substance abuse or other numbing behaviors and is designed for the unique pressures and demands that come with high-level and public-facing careers. These recovery groups provide a confidential environment for high performers to explore concerns, reduce reliance on escapist behaviors, and to improve personal and family relationships.

Recovering From Burnout:

These groups are tailored to meet the needs of executives and professionals who are grappling with burnout, exhaustion, and emotional fatigue due to the intense demands of their careers.  Participants explore the root causes of burnout, develop coping strategies, and foster resilience to reclaim balance and fulfillment in both their personal and professional lives. 


Life Transition Skills Groups:

For individuals in their late teens to mid-twenties, these groups address the unique challenges of transitioning into adulthood. Topics include increasing self-sufficiency, stress-management, and making longer-term commitments in work and love.

Substance Use Recovery Groups:

Specifically tailored for emerging adults struggling with substance use, these groups offer guidance, relapse prevention strategies, and support to promote long-term recovery.

Building Healthy Connections:

Focused on enhancing interpersonal skills, these groups help emerging adults form and maintain healthy relationships in both personal and professional spheres.

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